Small Groups

We are the family of God

You are part of the family of God here at Grace & Glory Community Church.

Families enjoy the adventure of life together. They eat, laugh, and sometimes cry together. Most of all families love one-another through it all. At Grace and Glory we believe the best place for you participate in family life is through a small group.

Small groups are church families of 8-14 people who share life and grow together as disciples of Jesus. We encourage groups to meet regularly to eat, share stories, pray, and study God’s Word with one another.
We also encourage our small groups to share a mission together to make the joy of the Gospel known among a network of relationships, neighborhood, or target group of people.

No group is perfect, and no two groups are exactly the same. We don’t expect them to be. Because people are messy, groups are messy. But in the mess of it all the power of the Gospel becomes real in our lives.

Contact Will Vollstedt ( for more information on joining a small group.

Click Here to watch our small group leadership training videos.

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