Living a Better Story in 2018

Living A Better Story  There is something exciting about the new year. It is a time to reflect on the past year and refocus our life for the coming year. I enjoy taking time each year to pray, reflect, and consider how I might make the new year better. To…

tracks of the “freight train” of His love

UNTAMED GOD–Do we get the Wrath of God?

In the sermon series UNTAMED. Pastor Will is challenging us to embrace all of who God is. Our tendency is to try to “tame” Him or to make him more acceptable or culturally compatible. One aspect of our Untamed God that is often avoided or explained away is His wrath. What…

Imaginary Jesus

This week we started our new series, UNTAMED (click here to catch up on the latest sermon). The series looks at our tendency  to “tame” God down to a more manageable size. Of course, God cannot be tamed. Instead, God invites us out of our shallow views of Him into…

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